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Female Masterbation for the Uninhibited

The most important thing to remember for effective female masterbation is to enjoy yourself. It sounds like common sense, but many women are uncomfortable or feel dirty when they masterbate. Some don’t do it all. Can you imagine life without the simple pleasure of masterbating? If you think you can then you need to read these masterbation techniques and tips that just may make you change your mind.

You can always start with the basic female masterbation techniques such as the clitoral roll. This is when you take your finger and thumb and gently roll your clitoris in a circular motion. You start slowly and increase the motion until you reach the right speed for your orgasm to occur. Another oldie but goodie is circling the clitoris. Place two fingers directly on the clitoris, and then rub in a circular motion around and around. You will eventually hit your sweet spot and bring yourself to orgasm quickly.

Double stimulation is always a favorite female masterbation technique. While inserting one or two fingers in the vagina, use your other hand to play with, rub, or tap your clitoris. This is one orgasm that might just send you over the edge. Another unbelievable orgasm comes in the shower. Find a comfortable position whether laying or standing with one leg up on the side, and take your shower head to explore your vagina. Using different streams of water and levels of pressure, wander around and try to find what spot works for you.

Some female masterbation tips that may work for you are:

  • Warm baths
  • Allow plenty of time
  • Lubrication
  • Feel your whole body, not just your vagina
  • Use toys and sex objects to enhance the orgasm
  • Kegel exercises ¡¡¡¬C tightening your vaginal muscles each day will help to build intensity and extend the orgasm length

For something different try taking a warm washcloth and putting Vaseline on it. When you rub it back and forth on your clitoris it is sure to get you aroused and cause orgasm. Also, you may want to try the silk ribbon or stocking approach. Put your hand in each foot of the stocking and rock the stocking back and forth and work it into your vulva area. It stimulates the clitoris in way that you may not ever have felt.

Female masterbation is about the love of your body, the experience of pure pleasure. You should relish in the fact that women have such wonderful almost secretive parts of their body that they can explore on a regular basis.