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Male Masterbation That Isn't Boring

Men have been masterbating basically since the dawn of time. In fact 99% of men masterbate, the other 1% lie about it. Although men and women both do it, men tend to think about it or plan it out more. Usually it is done in secret, maybe in the bathroom before work, or after the wife goes to bed. If you are lucky enough to live at home then you could masterbate all day long. Male Masterbation is usually about the final outcome, the intense pleasure that you know so well.

If you are getting bored with the basics of masterbation, then you should try some different male masterbation techniques. There are quite a few of them out there to give your hobby a new feel. One male masterbation technique that has been tried and enjoyed by man men is the Two Hands Full technique. It is a motion that is similar to milking a cow, the idea is to keep the motion going continuously by taking one hand and moving up, and follow right behind it with the other hand. It keeps the foreskin and testicles all the way up all the time so you have constant pleasure. You should use lubricant because of the fast motion, and it does take some practice but when it is done correctly you may never go back to the regular way.

Another different male masterbation technique is the pole straddling technique. Place a small pole or a broomstick between your legs and hold it steady while you masterbate. Moving up and down with your hips, you will find that as you are about to ejaculate your anus actually hugs the pole giving you an almost unbearable sensation. Again, this is one that you will have to practice before perfecting. It is worth it though.

Male masterbating techniques come in many forms and with different objects that can be involved. Here are just a few of the others:

  • One Top, One Bottom ¡¡íž¬C Hold the top of your head with one hand, while moving your other hand down towards your testicles.

  • Packing Tape Technique ¡¡íž¬C Wrap tape around your fingers and lubricate it to receive a whole new feeling of excitement.

  • Wringing It Out ¡¡íž¬C Although it may look strange and painful, it is quite pleasurable. Take your penis and wring it out like you would a washcloth. Start slowly and use lubrication to avoid friction.

  • Glass Ball Technique ¡¡íž¬C Move to the end of the bed so your testicles hang off. Place a glass underneath and let your balls fall into a tight fitting glass. Ejaculate like you normally would, pushing the glass with your testicles in it up against your perineum for an ultimate orgasm.

Again, there are many variations of techniques that can be used. Take your time and find something you like. One very important male masterbation tip to follow is to try to use the stop and go method while masterbating. Masterbate till you are just about to ejaculate and then stop for a few minutes, and then start again until you are right about to have your orgasm, and then stop again. By the time you reach the 3rd or 4th time your orgasm with be more intense and longer.

Male masterbation can be an exciting new adventure if you try different techniques. Don¡¯t feel you have to stay with the same thing you did when you were 16 years old. Yes, it may feel good, but new techniques will feel unbelievable.