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Masterbation Frequently Asked Questions

How do girls masterbate?

Girls masterbate through a variety of positions with or without objects to help stimulate the orgasm. Usually it is done by using your fingers to rub and caress the clitoris with different levels of pressure in order to bring yourself to orgasm. You can lie on your back or on stomach while you are doing this depending on your personal choice. Another technique is to place one or two fingers in your vagina while rubbing on or around your clitoris. It brings a different type of orgasm, with more intensity and enjoyment, although for women, any orgasm is pleasurable.

I want to masterbate and have a great orgasm? How do I do it?

There are numerous ways to masterbate, most of which will give you a good orgasm. It is up to your personal preference on which you enjoy the most. For men, they often feel good with the basic moves such has a full fist grip on your penis. As you move up and down towards the head of the penis you will feel yourself achieving orgasm rather quickly. For a technique that makes the feeling last a bit longer you can try the stop and go method. By simply bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm and then stopping only to start a few minutes later and stopping again, when you finally do have an orgasm it will be quite intense.

What is the best way to masterbate?

The best way to masterbate is the way you enjoy the most. It really depends on how much time you have, and how much you want to explore your creative side. There are many techniques that bring on orgasm that are exciting and new that you can try. Whether you enjoy sex toys or mutual masterbation the possibilities are endless.

How often can I masterbate? Is there such a thing as too much masterbation?

You can masterbate as often as you have the time, but too much of a good thing can lead to problems with your partner, finding a relationship, and even your energy level. Although technically you can masterbate all day long, for men it will lower your testosterone level, making it more difficult to feel a sex drive for actual sexual intercourse. For women it is more of a physical reason you shouldn’t masterbate too much. The vagina and clitoris can get very sore and swollen if you masterbate frequently or will a lot of intensity. When you masterbate you feel relaxed and satisfied, but if you are doing it all day long you can lose your energy and feel lethargic.

Why do we masterbate?

The answer to this is quite simple. It feels good. We masterbate to stimulate our senses and our emotions, as well as our genitals. It is quite pleasant to occasionally spend the day with ourselves enjoying our body and the sensation that it brings. It is a way to let our bodies feel the excitement of sexual arousal without having to have a partner. Not everyone has a significant other in which to have sex with when the feeling strikes you, so having the option of masterbation gives us something to look forward to.