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Masterbation Techniques

Masterbation is defined as sexual stimulation usually done to one’s own genitals to the point of orgasm. It can be accomplished manually, which means using your own hand, or by the use of objects or tools. There are some people, particularly women, that can only achieve orgasm through masterbation and not through sexual intercourse. This is why you need to learn specific masterbating techniques that can be enjoyable and you can use often during sex or alone.

There are numerous masterbation techniques for men and women that will give you different feelings, or different orgasm outcomes. Male masterbation techniques range from the full fist grip to the more uncommon pole straddling masterbating technique. The full fist grip is the most basic and common masterbating technique that men use. All of the fingers and your thumb are wrapped around the penis and using an up and down motion you will eventually reach orgasm. Some vary this technique by using just the forefinger and thumb. This is particularly helpful if you have a sensitive penis area.

Here are some other techniques that men can try:

  • The Mushroom ¡¡¡¬C when you hold your penis upright with one hand and gently rub the head with the other hand in a circular motion. Lubrication should be used.

  • The Campfire Method ¡¡¡¬C Just think of rubbing a stick together to start a fire, and use that back and forth motion on your penis. Lubrication should be used.

  • The Backhanded masterbation ¡¡¡¬C At first this may seem awkward, but you simply turn your hand around and use your index finger to stimulate parts you never knew you had.

  • The Interlocking Grip ¡¡¡¬C Locking your hands together and move up and down to stimulate orgasm. Lubrication is recommended.

There are others that will be explained later, but those are four that you can start practicing with. Female masterbating techniques are a bit more varied and are quite numerous. They are influenced by a number of factors such as stroking or rubbing the clitoris, use of vibrators with the rubbing, and other objects or movements that can add additional excitement.

Here are some of the most popular female masterbation techniques:

  • Riding the Floor ¡¡¡¬C Lie on the floor facing down, press your pubic bone to the floor, while rocking your body as if you are trying to crawl.

  • Making Up ¡¡¡¬C Taking a makeup brush, making sure it is clean and dry, and then use the fine bristles to stimulate the clitoris and the inner lips. You can also use a medium size paint brush or feathers.

  • Deep Penetration ¡¡¡¬C Insert a finger deep in the vagina and place your other hand directly on the back of the hand that is inside. Hold tight and press your finger in while using your thumb to stimulate your clitoris.

  • Simple and Multiple ¡¡¡¬C Simply take your finger and in a soothing motion rub gently around the hood of your clitoris. It is sensual and leads to multiple orgasms.

The best masterbation techniques are the ones that make you feel the most comfortable and give you the most pleasure. You should be daring and try as many as you see because ultimately you may find one specific technique that blows your mind.